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Elegant Wedges

These beautiful elegant wedges are my favorite in silver, but the other colors are nice too. There is just enough shimmer and metallic pieces to make these stand out, but remain classy. Elaine Turner Alissa – champagne, black, or silver $325…but only $120 on Ideeli!

seraheshoes bcbgeneration nolan sexy

Sexiest Shoes Ever.

*GOING FAST!* If you didn’t understand my shoe obsession before, I think you do now. BCBGeneration Nolan - black or Cuoio $118…but $55 on Ideeli, $99 on Amazon!

seraheshoes NINA Ciprina heels gold

Unique Gold Sparkly Sandals

I think these heels are very interesting in the platino/gold color, however, I hate them in black! I don’t know why…I just do. Don’t get them in black. These Platino ones are so sparkly though, I love. NINA Ciprina – black, silver, or platino $90…but only $50 on Ideeli and $26-45 on Amazon depending on Read more

seraheshoes my whole outfit shoes

The Most Important Part of an Outfit

This is 200% my motto!! The shoes MUST be the best part of the outfit for me- as you can see by my What’s in my Shoeboxes! Agree?

seraheshoes chinese laundry Kristin Cavallari blue

Decisions Decisions Decisions

I thought I liked the black, but then I saw the blue. Decisions decisions decisions. Metallic-wedgey decisions. Kristin Cavallari for Chinese Laundry Sogno - blue, black, or nude $150…but $80 on Ideeli, blue are $99 on ChineseLaundry.com, nude or blue on Amazon for as low as $82 (depends on size/color)!

seraheshoes calvin klein karine heels

Hot Clubbing Booties

*GOING FAST!* These booties are hot hot hot! I want to go clubbing now just from looking at them. Calvin Klein Karine – red or purple $150…but $70 on Ideeli and $90 on Amazon! Side note, Heels.com is having an awesome sale right now: Buy One Get One Free on Clearance Shoes with code BOGO at Read more

seraheshoes carlos santana ignition sandals

Rev it Up

These are not leopard print like I originally thought…apparently they are gold zebra. Have you ever heard of that? Is it a new thing? I still love the shoe, but it doesn’t seem very “zebra print” to me. Carlos by Carlos Santana Ignition – black, cameo, or gold zebra $100…but on sale at Macy’s for Read more

seraheshoes GUESS Aerra2 green heels

Green Shoes are Alright!

*GOING FAST!* These would have been perfect for St. Paddy’s Day alas… oh well, green shoes are cool any time! GUESS Aerra 2 – green $90…but $40 on 6pm!

seraheshoes koolaburra whitney wedges

I Don’t Care What my Boyfriend Says, Wedges are Sexy Too

These are soo SEXY!! I cannot get over those straps. I don’t care what my boyfriend says, wedges are sexy too. Agree? Koolaburra Whitney – black, truffle, or chestnut $200…but only $90 on Ideeli and as low as $60 on Amazon (depending on your size)!

seraheshoes brian artwood quote

It’s Impolite to Stare…Usually.

Happy Saturday! Go out and have some fun, but remember, it’s impolite to stare…unless it’s at gorgeous shoes!

seraheshoes luichiny delite me wedge

Wedges that Delite Me

These are pretty, fun, and just…delightful! The positive reviews on Amazon say they are as gorgeous as they look and actually nice to walk in too! Luichiny Delite Me – coral, black, or blue $75…but get them on Amazon for as low as $22.50 (depending on size/color), or Ideeli for $55!

seraheshoes GUESS adinna pumps

Shiney Pewter Pumps

How does GUESS always know what kind of shoes I want? I LOVE peeptoe pumps with a little platform and shoes in pewter. GUESS, you guessed right. GUESS Adinna – pewter, leopard, or black $100…but $40 only on Ideeli & 6pm!

seraheshoes charles david radial

Plaid Spring Sandals

Cute pretty blue sandals! I just love the plaid print with the spring colors. They come in many different colors! Charles David Radial – blue multi, pink multi, black, copper glitter, & glitter $135…but as low as $23 on Amazon & $70 at HauteLook!

seraheshoes N.Y.L.A. Rhea heels

Strappy Black Rhea

*GOING FAST!* These are selling out for good reason! They are super chic and unique! Do you love them? N.Y.L.A. Rhea – black or white $90…but only $50 on Ideeli!

seraheshoes i deserve new shoes quote

Repeat After Me…

I won’t be doing any Shoebox posts this month because I’m too busy with CampNaNoWriMo! Join the fun! And always remember…You deserve new shoes!

seraheshoes Zigi Soho Pippa pumps

Red Patent Pumps – The Ones

You do not know how badly I need red pumps…but I never find “the ones.” Well, these are The Ones. They always say you’ll know when you find The One. Zigi Soho – Pippa – also in black, white, & teal $80…but $50 on Ideeli & $80 on Amazon (full price still isn’t bad!)

seraheshoes jessica simpson jessies sandals

Bubblegum Pink Jessies

I love these bubblegum pink and purple sandals! So cute and chic. The other color combinations are great too. You really can’t go wrong with these shoes (and the name is so adorable)! Jessica Simpson Jessies – many color combinations $80…but only $45 on 6pm and Ideeli!

carlos santana melody heels

Do The Twist!

These look very painful to walk in, but I love love love the unique twisted straps! They’d make great “sitting shoes.” Carlos by Carlos Santana Melody – pewter, gold, bronze, blue, black, or silver $80…but only $32 on 6pm and Amazon!

seraheshoes vince camuto kelva heels

Cute “Beach” Sandals

Adorable sandals! Vince Camuto Kelva – beach, black, or white $110…but only $45 on 6pm!

seraheshoes bcbgeneration odessa heels

Shark Slingbacks

Slingbacks are one of my favorite kind of shoes and these are to die for. I’m actually buying them right now as I write this post! Macy’s is having a great April sale. The front are so classy, then you turn to the side and ROAR! Shark teeth! I’m in love. BCBGeneration Odessa – red, Read more

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